Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder For Volume Reduction And Unboxing

The Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder is a powerful and efficient way to reduce the volume of cardboard boxes down to a manageable size. It shreds these boxes into two long and thin pieces and is considerably safer than using a regular shredder. However, the Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder does require more space than most other machines on the market, which makes it difficult to use in small apartments or offices with limited storage.

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Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder

The Cardboard Box Shredders, an entrepreneurial company in Minneapolis, specializes in cardboard box recycling. The Cardboard Box Shredder is a patent-pending technology that performs two functions: it reduces the volume of cardboard boxes shredding them into manageable pieces, and it collects the shredded material resulting from the process.

Cardboard boxes are a major source of waste in modern life. With a Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder, you can save money on your waste removal converting these boxes into small pieces of flattened cardboard that can be mixed with other recyclables for recycling. The Cardboard Box Two Shaft Shredder is easy to assemble and use with large or small amounts of cardboard.