Corrugated Cardboard Box Shredder For The Automobile Industry

Corrugated Cardboard Box shredder

Many companies in the automobile industry have been looking for a solution to save on cardboard boxes. Cardboard is not only expensive if purchased from the local grocery store, but it also takes up much more space in landfills. The cardboard shredder, a device that shreds boxes into strips and then compresses them into a manageable size, has been found to be a highly efficient way to reduce waste and save money.

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Corrugated Cardboard Box shredder

In the automotive industry, when a car owner decides to scrap his/her vehicle, the dealer will often offer free pickup of the vehicle. However, in order for an employee to be able to remove anything from or out of the vehicle, they must first take apart any cardboard boxes that may have been used to protect items inside the car. This process is typically laborious and time-consuming.

Every year, India produces over 3 billion tons of corrugated cardboard. This statistic gives one an idea of just how beneficial it would be if there was a way to reuse and recycle this material. The concept of a corrugated cardboard box shredder is now being put into production to help address these issues.