Cardboard Recycling Shredder For Scrap Yards

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Cardboard Recycling Shredder For Scrap Yards

Cardboard is a material that can be recycled more times than any other on the recycling list. The Bureau of International Recycling estimates that cardboard can be recycled up to 12 times before production must stop. In order to increase the amount of materials that are being recycled, recycling shredder companies have been invented. These shredders will provide a means for scrap yards to recycle more cardboard, while also producing more usable product from each piece of cardboard being shredded.

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Cardboard Recycling Shredder for scrap yards

The Cardboard Recycling Shredder is a new machine that has been designed to shred cardboard and small pieces of wood before the shredding process. It is said to be used for scrap yards and factories cutting down on time and gas money, making it more efficient than the old method. 

A lot of people think recycling and composting are one and the same, but there’s a big difference.

Scrap yards are always in need of people to shred cardboard. The machine, made EZIPAC, is designed to hold one box at a time and shred it into pieces. EZIPAC will be the perfect addition for scrap yards that want to reduce their waste or save time not having to do the work themselves. Not only will the machine save time, but it will also help out with recycling cardboard while making more work space.

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