A cheap alternative to plastic for industrial goods packaging.

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A cheap alternative to plastic for industrial goods packaging.

Cardboard Packaging Material

Industrial goods packaging needs strong but low-cost material, to support heavy and expensive industrial components. The cost has to be economical because these items are part of the supply chain. Which means they are not used directly the consumers. These industrial components and are not like other electrical or household items. They don’t need to look good and presentable. So old cardboard does the trick here.

The ideal machine for such use is the  Cardboard Shredder. It can convert scrapped cardboards into filling material for industrial packaging. An in-house solution for eco-friendly and low-cost packaging. From gearboxes to smaller components, this void fill is the ideal industrial goods packaging material that you can use at almost no cost at all! 

cardboard shredding machine
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Advantages of shredded cardboard for industrial goods packaging:

  • Low cost, in-house packaging material
  • Eco-friendly reuse of old boxes
  • Strong and flexible material
  • Amazing Cushioning
  • Many sizes available
  • Non-stop shredder use for a full day

We have been one of the best cardboard shredder machine supplier and manufacturer for more than 15 years. These packaging machines are completely designed and made in INDIA. They come with an onsite warranty and after-sales backup.

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